Aju Mbaise Fibroid Tea

Aju mbaise fibroid tea with Soursop leaves are highly beneficial in the prevention and fight against fibroid.

For prevention, it is advisable to drink Aju mbaise fibroid tea consistently.

For effective healing and to fight fibroid, always take your Aju Mbaise fibroid tea.

Benefits of Aju mbaise fibroid tea

*Regulates excess estrogen
*Shrinks and dissolves fibroid
*Prevents growth of tumours
*Regulates irregular menstrual flow
*Controls depression, anxiety and hot flashes
*Boosts immune system
*Improves sugar level to maintain healthy weight.

How to make the tea for healing best result

Place the teabag in a 60cl cup, fill it with hot water, stir for 15 minutes, remove teabag and drink your tea.
During bath time, use hot towel to massage your tummy for 15 minutes daily.
Wear girdle for at least 5 hours a day.

Avoid soft drinks, cold water and excess cooking oil in your foods.
Eats more fruits
Add lime for extra taste.
Make the tea a lifestyle.
[3:45 PM, 7/25/2021] Ella Dubai : Aju Mbaise Flat Tummy Tea 140 AED
[3:46 PM, 7/25/2021] Ella Dubai : Description

Aju mbaise flat tummy herbal tea is extra amazing in burning fat around the tummy region within a month plan.

Tested and proven effective by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, imagine yourself feeling wonderful everyday and dropping those unwanted pounds and inches quickly and safely.

Now, discover for yourself how easy it is to lose weight quickly and safely with Aju mbaise herbal weight loss tea.


Flattens pot belly
Aids in weight loss
Suppresses appetite
Reduces bloating
Boost post natal recovery
Who should take it

Best for nursing mothers who wish to flatten their tummy.
For singles wishing to loose weight or belky.
Best for obese men, women and children.
Life span : 2 years

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