About us

Welcome to African Market Dubai.

The largest online African market in the United Arab Emirates that sources and delivers, highly sought after quality products. Our offering includes organic foodstuffs, herbs, grocery items, African print fabrics, organic beauty products, household items and more, all to your doorstep.

Africa is a Continent blessed with rich, and bountiful natural resources.
The people of Africa are rich in cultural traditions, arts and crafts, paintings, pottery, natural medicinal plants and herbs for organic health solutions, fashion prints (Fabrics), exquisite handcrafted jewelries and adornments.

The purpose of launching the African Market Dubai Platform in the UAE is to enable all lovers (both individuals and organizations) of the African heritage and products, be able to source for and buy any African item of their choice and be assured of the originality and quality of all their purchases without worry or stress.

Our goal is to see the African heritage, people, culture, food, values and products, well represented, widely recognized and appreciated not only in the Middle East but all around the Globe.

Our dream is to see African cuisines featured in menus of prestigious homes, outlets, hotels and restaurants.

Shopping is as much about the experience as it is the items you buy. We have taken this principle at heart and created an online store  that not only provides secure and convenient shopping for all our customers, but virtually recreates an ambience of a fresh and modern market.

With eyes on the future, the online wholesale and retail platform is assured for market dominance, to cater to the evolving needs of our diversified customer base. Our aim is to keep our customers satisfied and exceed their wildest expectations.